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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are the ideal charity initiative for your company to exercise its corporate social responsibility (CSR). We open our programs for your company’s volunteers, generating in your employees a very important awareness that helps to promote solidarity in your work teams, which ultimately benefits the company.

We are interested in building a relationship of trust with your company and we understand that this takes time. We begin with basic volunteering in the programs, but we have matured our relationship with some companies to the point where we can customize a program according to the business objectives. We invite you to write us so we can talk about what you and your company can do together with us for these populations at risk.

Currently, Western Union has funded the university scholarship program for 4 years and IBM has funded the academic mentoring program for 3 years. We constantly have volunteer activities with WU, IBM and Lion Resources.

University Community Work (T.C.U. by its initials in Spanish)

If you are in college and need to do your university community work (T.C.U.), consider doing it with us. We have different positions open constantly. We want, regardless of student’s major, for him or her to invest the majority of the community work-hours in direct contact with the people of the communities where we work. We believe that the student develops greater social responsibility and awareness as more time is spent in volunteer activities directly in the community. These characteristics are key in the professional that, as a charitable organization, we want to promote.

We accept students from all majors and, to the extent possible, seek to align our objectives with their major and skills. Our TCU students also gain experience in important areas of their majors, especially education, administration and computers.


There are four things that are important in the lives of children and youth: 1. Unconditional love. 2.Tanque emotional I carry. 3. Concentrated time 4. Look straight into the eyes. What does this teach us? That when you stop thinking about yourself, and decide to take time to do VOLUNTEERING, without exception you will give these achievements. It means then, that these children and young people will change their future, and you will have accomplished the purpose for which it was designed. Remember that the change will not occur in the comfort of your home, but actively participating within our communities. We invite you to be part of this invaluable opportunity that El Niño y la Bola offers its volunteers”.                                                                                           Josué García, Executive Director

Don’t wait any longer. Call and get in touch with us to become a volunteer. Be part of the change that our country/world needs. Look for our email address and phone number in the “contact us” section and/or in the footer below.